FPES clearly understands the needs and demands of industry with high volume recruitment, casual or short term labour requirements and those with multi-sited workforces.

In response to this, FPES have developed a truly unique and innovative product called Screen-SAFE® that has been operational nationally for over 10 years.

Screen-SAFE® is an in-house risk profiling system that assesses an individual’s functional capability and then matches an applicant to a physically appropriate position within your working environment.

The Screen-SAFE® system has revolutionised the way employers are able to integrate cost effective physical screening into their recruitment processes. 

The primary aim of the Screen-SAFE® system is to identify applicants with current physical restriction or those potentially ‘at risk’ of sustaining musculoskeletal injury or re-aggravating pre-existing conditions once they have commenced work.

The system provides instantaneous, clinically validated outcomes which provide unmatched affordability and demonstrate a proven return on investment