Post Injury Solutions

FPES is a dynamic organisation specialising in Post Injury Management and Interventions. Our business model is built on adopting and adapting sports injury management philosophies and applying these philosophies to workplace injuries. FPES provides a cost effective Nationwide service accessing Practitioners of the highest quality focused on injury recovery

FPES have a range of Post Injury Programs which have been specifically developed to improve treatment and recovery from injury and increase communication with the workplace. 

Our reputation is built on long term relationships with clients and our focus on providing value and positive outcomes. FPES listen to the needs of clients and we are well equipped to design a Post Injury Management Program to best suit your businesses individual needs. 


FPES manages and monitors the treatment providers involved with all injured workers, intervening if recovery is stagnant and/or if over treatment is identified. FPES also incorporates an internal Doctor review of all long-term and/or complex cases. 

FPES have developed an intelligent software program in the form of a web based reporting and monitoring portal , that allows employers to have a greater view of all their workplace injuries. This software enables the workplace to better monitor recovery and support the injured worker. The software system reduces administrative load and supports positive outcomes. 

FPES also liaises and works with your Insurer complementing claims management through more efficient information transfer resulting in a more strategic case management approach and resulting in reduced worker’s compensation costs. 

Physio Recovery Program

The Physio Recovery program has been developed to introduce early active treatment, for all workplace injuries through, a network of Physiotherapists around Australia. Providing hand-on-treatment at the early stages of a musculoskeletal injury has been proven to improve recovery outcomes in workplace injuries.


On-site Physiotherapy

FPES can provide your sites with outcome focused Physiotherapists with expertise in treating and managing workplace injuries. All Physiotherapists are monitored and reviewed to assure that they are providing the best care for injured workers. The information provided by FPES Physiotherapists can assist in the development of accurate RTW Plans.

Return to Work & Treatment Management Program

FPES has developed a RTW & Treatment Management Program which offer an outsourced solution to reduce costs, improve productivity and drive greater results within your business. 


Specialist Medical Opinion Network

The Specialist Medical Opinion (SMO) Network provides priority appointments (within 10 days) and high quality medical opinions focused on diagnosis and the best treatment options for injured workers. These specialists are the leading musculo-skeletal specialists from around Australia.