Advanced Musculoskeletal Screen

The FPES Advanced Musculoskeletal Assessment includes completion of a detailed health, work & medical based questionnaire combined with an extensive ‘hands on’ physical examination. 

This assessment is designed to identify applicants with current active pathology or those potentially ‘at risk’ of sustaining or re-aggravating musculoskeletal injury once they have commenced work.

Examinations are conducted by one of our highly trained Physiotherapists operating in over 90 locations nationally. 

With the significant proportion of workplace injuries being musculoskeletal in nature, it makes perfect sense to have Physiotherapists conduct the screen. Physiotherapists examine, diagnose and treat musculoskeletal injury all day every day, whereas musculoskeletal injury will account for less than 5% of a General Practitioner’s daily consultation schedule.

High risk anatomical sites such as the lower back, shoulder, knee and neck receive increased focus using clinically specific testing and measurements.

As indicated by the name Advanced Musculoskeletal Examination...this product is without doubt the most meticulous within the suite of FPES screening options