Physio Recovery Program

With a network of over 400 quality Physiotherapy Practices Nationwide the Physio Recovery Program was designed to improve treatment for injuries resulting in earlier recovery from these injury. Increased communication between the treatment provider and workplace supports an earlier return to work. The main objective of the Physio Recovery Program is to introduce early active treatment for workplace injuries. In addition, the injured Worker is educated and supported during the recovery process via communications with all key Stakeholders. Specialist intervention with a focus on treatment and recovery is introduced if the injury is not progressing.

Results from sport and from our Physio Recovery Program confirm that early active ‘hands on’ treatment results in a faster recovery and earlier return to pre-injury duties. The Physio Recovery Program, has established a quality network of providers whose performance is appraised on recovery outcomes. Our Australia-wide coverage facilitates priority access for injured Workers to start treatment early with many initial appointments provided on the same day of the injury. Early referral supports early diagnosis of the injury and early active treatment results in a faster recovery and earlier return to work.

Our trained Physiotherapists provide an assessment of each injured Worker’s capacity which supports return to work. Our Physiotherapists have a positive outcome focus and an attitude of ‘what can be done’ rather than ‘what can’t be done’.


Often the main barrier to early return to work is a lack of communication between treatment providers and the workplace. FPES have designed and implemented a web based reporting and monitoring portal which enables immediate communication between key stakeholders. 

FPES staff closely monitor each worker’s progress through the Medi-Support software. Through this monitoring process FPES can identify early signs of a delayed recovery and identify the most appropriate option to manage this barrier.

Our software also allows Employers to have a greater view of all their workplace injuries, which enables the workplace to better support the injured Worker.